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Posted by on Jul 21, 2016 in Competitions, Yoga | 3 comments

What is your yoga power pose?

It has always intrigued me that in yoga poses there are poses that are named for warriors.   Dynamic yoga practices like Ashtanga, Rocket, even Vinyasa (or combination styles simply named Power yoga or Dynamic yoga) flourish within a practice that is about finding peace and focus.

The more I practice however, and the more I teach, the more I am really aware that the strength, flexibility and balance that are the physical focus in a dynamic practice are qualities to take off the yoga mat into daily life.

Being physically strong and flexibile makes us look and feel powerful, confident, as well as ensuring that we build strong immune systems, and create a body that is healthy and moves with ease.  When we challenge our perceptions of what we are capable of, by creating strong and flexible bodies that are able to do things we may have thought impossible for us, we also bring those elements of strength, flexibility and balance inwards.

Inner strength.  The ability to move flexibly through whatever life throws at us.  A balanced approach to life.  Something we can have off the yoga mat.  We don’t have to be doing contortions or precariously balanced to have those things – but by bringing our focus to our physical selves, we can move inwards and access those most powerful parts of our selves, something we need every moment of every day.

Some poses make us feel powerful for different reasons – I love the slow controlled descent into chaturanga / high to low plank, or a forearm stand, but equally feel strong and grounded in crow pose, a standing balance, or even sitting in lotus.  It is so personal, and my yoga power pose changes according to what else is going on in my life.

yoga power pose


I’ve teamed up with luxe sportswear retailer, Active In Style who are running a great competition – simply upload an image of your #yogapowerpose to your social media by 27th July – choose from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest or a combo.  Make sure to tag @ActiveInStyle in your post and caption and have the chance to win a £200 gift voucher for Active In Style.  Tag me too using my @yogawithzaz handle (@yogamamazee on Twitter) so that I can look out for your posts!  If you need further information on the competition, you can find it here.

Take a look at the images below to see some of their gorgeous yoga clothes – or better yet, visit Active In Style for a browse. Until end August you can get 20% of any of the items in their yoga section (excluding sale items) using the code YOGAWITHZAZ.  I’m heading there now!

Yoga Power Pose


yoga power pose



Collaboration with Active In Style


  1. Amazing competition Zaz – totally love those clothes! My favourite power pose is tree pose which always grounds and challenges me x

  2. Wow just gorgeous, all of them and you of course lovely Zaz, your power poses make you look seriously superwoman chic 🙂 Right now my power pose is propped up on sofa with glass of red in my hand… but I can dream eh? 😉

  3. You are strong and fierce and I love how you empower through your posts!

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