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Choosing the best crib mattress, For your kid

How To Choose The Best Crib Mattress For Your Kid

An infant spends more than half of the hours of each day in their crib.  Therefore you need to choose wisely when you choose a mattress for their crib.  Not all mattresses are safe, and you might get mislead by the information that is given out there.

Things to consider when you choose a mattress for a crib:

Comfort:  When an infant is still small, comfort, might not be your first consideration; they will fall asleep anywhere when they are tired enough.  The comfort category comes into play when your baby becomes a toddler and start fighting sleep.  If the mattress is not comfortable, you might struggle with the sleep issue. 

Breathability:  A mattress should be comfortable and adjust to body temperature.  To be comfortable, a mattress should not cause sweating or overheating.

Easy to Clean:  With a baby there will be messy moments, some big, and some smaller.  Removable covers work very well, and if the mattress has a vinyl cover underneath the removable one, it cleans easily.

Choosing a mattress for your baby’s crib might be one of the most important items that you will buy for your baby.

Types of mattresses that you can choose from:

Dual-sided mattress; have two sides, one firmer than the other.  As your baby becomes a toddler, you can flip the mattress over for a more suitable firmness.

Foam mattress; these are the most common to buy because they are generally more affordable.  If you should decide to buy a foam mattress, you need to make sure of the thickness of the mattress and it should not be too soft, but rather resilient.

Innerspring Mattresses; tend to be heavier and because of that, they are not as popular as a foam mattress.

Buying a cheaper version mattress might actually harm your child.  A good mattress will give many years of service.  You could also consider the fact that mattresses that are not environmentally friendly can cause the inhale of harmful chemicals.