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Top 10 reasons on the importance of mothers, Why these facts will never change

The Top 10 Reasons Why Mothers Are Very Important And Why These Facts About Motherhood Will Never Change

Without Mothers a whole lot of things might never get done, and still more things will never be learned.  Mothers create the living and learning spaces for their children from day one.  Even though family and friends may help, moms are the instigators of most things that happen around a child.

10 Reasons why Mothers are very important:

1.  Without Mothers there would not be people in the world; a Mother gives birth to a baby, without birth there would be no breathing, living human beings.  That should be a first important reason, and all should be thankful for it.

2.  Mothers Protect; a child’s wellbeing is always uppermost on a Mothers’ agenda.  A mother provides the backbone of a family, keeping them emotionally intact, as best she can.

3.  Mothers have a Magic Touch; she can make a scrape or cut, instantly better by just a word, a touch or a kiss.

4.  Mothers Sacrifice; a mother will always put her child’s needs above her own.  She works hard and will give up many things to make sure that a child’s life will be better.

5.  Mothers Support; a mother will support a child in all his or her adventures, even if it seems impossible.

6.  Mothers Forgive; your mother will forgive you almost anything. 

7.  A Mother teaches; she will teach you to become a well-balanced person.  She will teach you boundaries that you may not like at first, but which will serve you well throughout your life.

8.  A Mothers smile can change the world; that one smile, directed to a child, can make a bad day seem a whole lot better.

9.  A Mother is all-seeing, and hears everything; a mother knows when you are naughty, when you are sad when you are happy, even when you are not near her.

10.  A Mother loves unconditionally; a mother’s love will reach you anywhere you go, somehow, it will find a way.

And this is what mothers do.  There may be differences in cultures and lifestyles, but the basics of the workings of a mother stay the same.