Defining Motherhood

Being a mother includes an endless array of actions, activities and feelings. 

A Mother Gives:

1.  Love, Unconditionally:  From that very first day when a child is born, (or brought under your protection), a mother’s love will be unconditional.  A mother never stops loving a child even when there seems to be nothing to love.

2.  Protection:  Feeling safe and secure is a rather large part of being a happy child.  A mother starts doing things automatically to make sure that she can provide a safe, secure and loving environment for a child as it grows.

3.  Discipline and useful teachings:  A child learns its first important rules from their mother.  She will teach a child to know the rules of life, to be empathetic towards others and be responsible for your actions.  A mother gives guidance without force.

Being called a mother does not have to include the birth of a biological child; (even though the birth of a child will automatically “qualify” you to be called a mother) the actions taken regarding others, the sacrifice made for another person, can all be seen as the care of a mother.  And this care can also be given by males, not only females.