About Mama And More

Mama and More, actually says everything that it entails; being a mother, becoming a new mother and everything that comes with the term “Mama”, and “Mother”.  Becoming a new mother is also the beginning of many new things, new hopes and dreams, and lots of possibilities.

Mostly, a mother is the female counterpart of the male in any given situation.  Whether the women that are called, Mama, or Mother, has given birth to a child or is raising someone else’s child, does not change the name or definition of the word. 

A birth mother (biological mother) has given birth to a child.  An adoptive mother takes care of a child that she did not give birth to but considers her own.  Surrogacy mother refers to fertilization of an egg, and the baby will be carried by a surrogate mother. 

Motherhood can have many different definitions and you cannot define the role of a mother in just one way.  The definition of the word “mother” will vary, because of the differences found in social, religious, and cultural surroundings.

In most cultures, the specific ways and tasks expected from a mother or mother-to-be are passed down by older females in their families and social structures.